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Realtors Flat Fee MLS Listing Services FAQ

Flat Fee MLS - FAQ

  • 1.  This is the SAME MLS which traditional full service brokers around the corner from your property would charged you a 6% or 7% commission to list your property in.  It is the SAME COMPUTER DATABASE which those realtors own and operate.
  • 2.  This service is available for residential property generally and includes homes, vacant land, and multi-family residential buildings.  It is usually not available for commercial property like gas stations or convenience stores.  Call us if you have commercial property, FLAT FEE MLS service for commercial property is available for some areas.
  • 3.  You do not pay the listing broker any commission for their "Listing Services", they just get a FLAT FEE for entry of your listing in the MLS and usually the ONLY SERVICE you get is that data entry.   The listing realtor ordinarily does NOT provide any transaction or consulting services for you and they will NOT be representing you by reason of this FLAT FEE MLS LISTING SERVICE.  Most of the listing brokers providing these services are able to provide (for an ADDITIONAL FEE) any additional services you may like to request from them.
  • 4.  You only pay a commission to the broker who procures the buyer.
  • 5.  After your order is completed online the page confirming that your payment is complete will have a link to print out the REQUIRED MLS FORMS.  Those forms have all the details about your home and comments which go into the MLS.  The realtor will activate the MLS listing and and email you notification of your MLS number after you return those forms, so send them back promptly.
  • 6.  Those agents working with buyers will bring their buyer clients over and show them your home.  Usually they will call you for the appointment and you can meet them there to let them in the house or buy a key-lock box so they can enter the property when you are not there.  The lockbox option is strictly YOUR CHOICE and you will see it on the order page when you check out, the lockbox option is normally $49.50.
  • 7.  After you order is completed you can immediatley upload your photo(s) online after you set up your FREE FSBO AD HERE, or you can email us the photo(s) for the MLS listing, or you can mail us regular photo(s) for FREE SCANNING.
  • 8.  Our Standard Yard Sign is included FREE, if you want one just check-off the FREE-SIGN option on the order page (if you do not check off the FREE SIGN option on the order page it is NOT shipped to you).  The yard sign has a blank for you to insert YOUR PHONE NUMBER so you can get those Buyers Leads from the yard sign yourself.
  • 9.  You also have the option to purchase a professionally produced Virtual Tour, you will see that option and an example on the order page.

The Details about This Hybrid Marketing Method

Using this Flat FEE MLS listing service, the Sellers can usually offer these Buyer Agent Realtors whatever percent commission they desire, but owners should consider that offering less than the traditional 3% could affect these Buyers Agent Realtors "degree" of interest in showing your property to their customers.  Also, in some areas the listing brokers do not want to offer the Buyers realtors less than the "normal" rate (normally this is 2% to 3% commission) because they do not wish to be discriminated against by the established Realtors in the area who want to keep the commissions higher.   So in this EXAMPLE, instead of 6% commission, you would pay the fixed dollar listing fee and the 3% Buyers Agent commission if and only if you sell a home to a buyer  who was brought to your property by a Buyers Agent Realtor.   Anyone using this method should require each "Buyers Agent" Realtor to accompany each of their potential buyers who come to view the property and keep a WRITTEN LOG of the names of each Realtor and their prospective buyer and the date they viewed the property along with the Realtors initials on that log.  This could be very useful in the event of any dispute with or between Realtors about which, if any, brought the ultimate buyer to see your property and is entitled to earn the 3% commission.  You should also keep a log of everyone's name and date that came to see your property from your FSBO efforts as well.  It is not uncommon for prospective buyers to contact several Realtors in the process of searching for property as well as looking into property advertised FSBO.   If the Realtor does not accompany the prospective buyer or if you do not keep records, you may not know for sure who, if anyone, is entitled to be paid the Buyers Agent commission.  If you sell your property yourself from your own advertising efforts or your Yard Sign, you do not have to pay the 3% Buyers Agent commission.   In effect you are paying a "Flat Listing Fee" instead of the normal Listing Realtors 3% commission, offering Buyers Agents whatever Commission you desire, and you have the option of selling your property FSBO without paying that Buyers Agent commission.  The trade off is that since you only pay a modest fixed listing fee you will get no transaction assistance or advice from the listing Realtor.  The listing Realtor is merely granted authorization to list your property with the MLS so it will be available for all other Realtors who are working with potential buyers to try to sell and earn the "Buyers Agent" commission you offer them.  The upside is you can continue to market your property FSBO at the same time and if you find a buyer before the Buyers Agent Realtors do, you pay no commission to them. 

Considering that this Realtor Flat Fee MLS alternative allows for both the increased exposure to potential buyers who may be working only with a realtor (at a cost to the seller of 3% commission rather than 6%) and the continuing opportunity for the owner to sell the property FSBO and still avoid Realtor commissions entirely if the owner finds a buyer first, this is an alternative which property owners should research, become knowledgeable about and consider Before you settle on Your Marketing Plan. 

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Popular Coverage Areas
Details about the Realtors Flat Fee MLS Service

Arizona - Service for Phoenix and Rim Country areas.

Bay/Central & Northern Areas - Sacramento Area - Service for most areas.

LA - SanDiego - Orange County - Other Central Southern Areas Service for most areas.

Colorado - Service for most areas.

Connecticut - Service for central and western state areas.

Central & Northern Areas - Service for most areas.

South Florida - Service for most areas.

Tampa Area - Three county area.

Georgia - Service for Atlanta and most Central Georgia areas.

Illinois - Service for Chicago and Northeastern Illinois areas.

Kansas - Kansas City and Eastern State Areas.

Louisiana - New Orleans and Surrounding Areas.

Maryland - Service for most areas.

Massachusetts - Service for most areas.

Michigan - Service for Detroit and surrounding areas.

Minnesota - Service for All areas.

Nevada - Service for most areas.

New Jersey - Service for most areas.

New Mexico - Service for most areas.

New York - Service for most areas.

North Carolina
Charlotte Area - Service for most areas.

Raleigh-Durham-Chappel Hill Areas - Service for most areas.

Portland, Eugene, Other Western State Areas - Service for most areas.

Willamette Valley area.

Ohio - Service for most areas.

Oklahoma - Service for most areas.

Philadelphia & Eastern Areas - Service for most areas.

Pittsburg & Western Areas - Service for most areas.

South Carolina - Service for Charleston, Greenville, & most areas.

Central & Eastern Areas - Service for most areas.

Memphis & Western Areas - Service for most areas.

Austin - Service for Austin and surrounding areas.
Dallas-Denton-Fort Worth - Service for Dallas - Denton - Fort Worth and surrounding areas.
Houston - Service for Houston and surrounding areas.

San Antonio - Service for San Antonio and surrounding areas.

Utah - Service for all Central and Northern areas.

Virginia - Service for Central - Northern State areas.

Washington DC - All areas.

Washington State - Service for Seattle - Tacoma and western Washington State areas.

Realtor.com $299 Advertising Service - This Service is Available NATIONWIDE.

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